Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A sneak peek at my office

Okay, after briefing the guys at the creative department this morning, I had a 15 minute break to take a breather in my room. It's one of those moments where I have to sit back and relax a bit and free my mind from the usual daily clutter. I looked around and tried observing my room, the reception desk, I grabbed my camera and took snaps of our office. Here's some snaps, coming up next is the creative department (sounds fun :-)

Our office entrance, Welcome to Pencil!

The reception desk, as you can see, it's a huuuge pencil-like table.

The waiting area infront of the reception desk with my painting on the wall:-)

Our meeting room, It sits 6-8 person, with a customized surfing board table.

My Office, I know it's messy but what can I do? I could barely find time to clean up and do some arrangements, maybe I will get someone to clean it for me :-)

Another view of my desk, Whew! Papers here, notes there, Lol

My favorite part of my office, that's a 32" LCD Full HD TV. Hmm, I think I have to subscribe TFC or GMA soon :-)


kristofferson paunil said...

woww!! wtf office u have there!! lol
i wanna know now how to surf!! nice!!! very solemn and it kicks dre!!! more power to you guys!!!

Gilbert Semillano said...

Kristoff the toyota art edge 2nd placer is in the haus! Thanks 'dre!

kristofferson paunil said...

ohhh my blog!! lol may pa title ka pa dyan mr. 1st placer!!! black label man!! hahaha!!

Timmy Sy Ang said...

quick odd question, in the meeting room whats that display on the wall?

thinking record album covers but im probably way off

Gilbert Semillano said...

Timmy, the display on the wall is a collage of details of art, graphics, designs from different media from tshirt designs, record albums to building facades :-)

Kristoff, Gusto mo talaga Black Label? Akala ko Beer drinker ka? Lol.