Friday, September 24, 2010

A Father's Frustration

As a parent, you're pretty excited to get your child to school for the first time and that you've been waiting for that day your child will be getting into an environment full of fun, play, learning and love. But that doesn't seem to happen, well, in my son's case. I got a call a couple of days ago from the school director telling me to get my son out of his class and out of the school, perhaps you could imagine how my reaction was. I rushed to the school leaving work to find out what happened and spoke to the teachers and the school director. They said that they cannot handle my son's behavior, that He doesn't focus and pays attention and that all he wanted to do most of the time is to walk around and play at his own, for crying out loud, it's only been the 5th day of school! What do they expect a 3 year old boy do? I just wish the standards are as high as their expectations and that the high strict discipline that they try to imply is also being practiced by themselves. My son is normal, just like any other 3 year old, He never poke a pencil in one's eye or steal their lunch boxes or hit and make another child cry, He just love partying :) I was told by the school to keep my son at home for a week and send him back again to school (isn't that suspension?) I don't think I'm going to send him back there, simply because they cannot handle an active child and that they don't have any capability and knowledge to handle one.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Baack!

DANG!! It's been ages since I last posted here! I've been away for too long, or have I been that lazy?!! Nah, it's the work!! Yes! WORK, that's what's keeping me busy and away from cyberspace (or should I say Blogging?). Nways, I will be posting again some of the things that I've encountered all those days! Keep it right here, y'all! Nice to be back :)