Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Heat Is On!

The DMC World DJ Championships 2008 are being held on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th September at IndigO2 in London. International heats are taking place now, across the globe, and if the UK competition was anything to go by, once again standards have been ramped up a notch this year.

The Championships have been running for 24 years now and have helped launched the careers of a galaxy of stars from the DJ world ranging from early winners like the UK's Scratch Perverts, Plus One and Cutmaster Swift to legends like Q-Bert, C2C, DJ Ca$h Money and Beastie Boys DJ Mixmaster Mike through to new names like DJ Craze, DJ Netik and last year's German winner DJ Rafik who played showcase sets at all the UK Heats.

This year's event is hosted by DMC favourite's MC Trip, Killa Kela and Billy Biznizz.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Itching For The Scratch?

Here's a snap of my dj gear at home, well, this one's for my personal use. I have a couple of Technics 1210s in the flight case and a pair of 1200s in the road case as well. I got this pair of MKG1210s and the DMC Battle mixer from the DMC Dubai finals, a part of their major prize! I hooked the 'tables up with my FS2 preamp and a 15" Macbook Pro, speakers is powered by Bose. My needles is a pair of "signed & tagged" Ortofon Qbert :-) This is what I use during my free time where I normally practice my routines and itch for the skratch!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Art of Winning

It's kinda interesting how I got into this competition, I wasn't really in it but my colleague Danny was. I saw him with this PDF file, an entry form and a mechanics sheet about the Toyota Art Edge Digital Competition in the Philippines, The theme was "20 years of Toyota in the Philippines-Driving Tomorrow" It was the first week of June and the deadline was in June 15th. I tried working on some concepts and started scribbling, My wife Pinky pushed me to work on the artwork and with all the workloads I have at the office, I couldn't find much time to execute my idea, until I have only 4 days left till deadline. First part:PANIC time, I forced myself working on the composition, finishing up to the last detail for a couple of days (thank God for my speed and my Wacom) I made it! Now, the second part: SHIPPING. I was left with 2 days for my artwork to be shipped to Manila (as it has to be submitted at Toyota's Makati Office), Great I have these amazing people that helped me through, Danny for letting me know about it, Maxwell for the encouragement, Mackie of FedEx and Arnold of FCC, The Filipino DTPs at Kinko's (stayed till midnight printing and mounting the artwork), my wife Pinky for the details and account, my sis-in-law Ruby for picking up the package from Sta. Rosa and dropping it off at Makati, and my niece Patricia for nagging at the Fedex Manila office:-) Did it made it on time? YES IT DID! Check this, deadline: 15 June at 12:00 Noon, Submitted: 15 June at 10:00 Am. Beat that! Now, what makes a very busy and occupied professional like me go through all of this crammings with an impossible mission?

The prizes at stake:

1st Prize: PhP 200,000.00
2nd Prize: Php 150,00.00
3rd Prize: Php 100,000.00

20 Consolation Prizes: PhP 25,000.00 /each

Winners will be announced on August. I cannot post my entry now, but I will soon once Toyota announced the shortlisted entries. To me, Of course winning is great! But the nicest thing about this project is the harmony of a lot of people, who worked their part and made it on time. That itself is winning to me, And if ever I made it to the top three, I would definitely share it with these people where without their help things wouldn't be made possible! My sincerest thanks to you guys, from the bottom of my heart!

Pencil Advertising Website

Still a project in progress, our company website will be up and running by mid July. The site includes an overview, creative process, people's profile and fresh creative showcase! It's going to be fun once launched. In the meantime, enjoy the teasers, log on to :-) Big ups to our webmaster and Art Director, Danny P!


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