Saturday, November 8, 2008

De Colores Art Exhibit

Well, since I created Oh My Blog, I haven't had the chance to update my art blog, I thought i'll transfer some of my posts here, starting with the "De Colores" Exhibit:-)

The "Dancing Gecko I" sold to Mr. Joe Kawasaki of Integra Films.

French Ambassador Corinne Breuzé being interviewed by ABS-CBN.

An inside view of the Reaz Doust gallery "packed" with friends, critiques, dealers, artists and the media.

Arcie, one of the guest that nite, poses with my acrobat artwork.


the spool artist said...

wow, great work pare! congratulations on the exhibit and the sales!

are these oil paintings or are these digital art na?

Gilbert Semillano said...

Thanks, dre! These are works on oil, I haven't had a digital show yet but I am working on it, baka sa Pinas ko gawin with some artists duon, group show cguro. Baka pwede dyan? Hehehe!

the spool artist said...

OO ba, do you have a dedicated website with your portfolio of works? I can submit it to my curator friends here!


Gilbert Semillano said...

Talaga?! Wala akong site, but I have the images/pics saved in my HD. I will try and create one for that asap.

Thanks, Man!