Friday, February 20, 2009

Bruce Lee for Nokia N Series

Created to advertise a special edition Nokia Bruce Lee N Series! Check out the cinematography, although it mimics amateur video, it really tells the story. It's very memorable and incredibly fun!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CR Feb issue, Out now!

Creative Review Feb issue came out on Wednesday 21 January, featuring Luke Hayman, Letman, Indian advertising, The Guardian’s new home, The Elms Lesters Painting Rooms... So Grab a copy, quick!

Drunken Bush

This is pretty hilarious, amazing how they'd slow down the cam and the pitch at the same time! Taken from the late late show with Craig Ferguson.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bb Gandanghari for KIDLAT AWARDS

Got this one off from Adobo mag site, And this year's Kidlat Awards will be hosted by no other than Rustom, este, BB Gandanghari! I couldn't stop laughing after seeing this one, Directed by Lyle Sacris and produced by Telly Arce at Carver Studios, with scriptwriter Leigh Reyes, talent coordinator Kat Limchoc. With special participation of the master himself, David "Cabana Boy" Guerrero :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hala Febrayer

Hala February or Hala Febrayer (in Arabic) kicked off with a great display of vintage cars and motor bikes, there were acrobats and a circus(?) It was really a full decorated event, what really caught my attention in the early hours, was this huuge ford truck, I mean it is sooo big, ideal for the roads in the Philippines specially when it's flooded :) Hala Feb parade always starts in Salem Mubarak street (high street) and it's just so very near where we are staying. Aliyah & Eli enjoyed that one friday morning.

The bikes on display along Salmiya high street.

This is the truck I was talking about, Imagine having one in the PI?

Aliyah at her favorite breakfast place, CBTL.

50s, 60s, 70s, They got it there!

Pink Campaign

This ad for Breast Cancer awareness was done sometime late 2007, It was featured in Arab ad magazine and in some ad blogs worldwide, it gained positive comments and moved a lot of people. Inspired by the transparent balloons that were used during the decoration of my daughter's 7th Birthday at the Ritz, and what do you know? I got an email from the British Army Federation and they asked permission to use this ad for their awareness article in their quarterly magazine with a worldwide distribution! That 5-minute creative thought really paid off!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prank Call

Panic came last Sunday when a bomb threat was called at my daughter's school at the AIS, My wife nervously called me up and I flew from my office to the school in like less that 10 minutes! When I came, there was people everywhere, a long line of cars jammed on the road, police blocked the main gates and the Special weapons and tactics team came to the scene with their sniffer dogs. Parents weren't allowed in the school campus as some wait in grief and anger. Paramedics were on standby and so are the fire trucks. We waited for the gates to open but there was nothing, not even a hint of what was going on inside. I thought at first, it will be fine, knowing that never these kind of terror things happen in Kuwait, there was an attempt however in '06, but were easily crushed by Kuwait's special task force, but on the other hand I thought, what if it's a hostage scene? Like what happened in Bosnia? That thought really scared the shit out of me. After almost an hour of waiting, the gates were opened and people start swarming inside the campus, parents trying to go to their children and take them out of the premises. Finally, my wife came out with Aliyah, Boy! Am I glad to see her! Soon we found out that it was a prank! I mean what the eff!?! It's not even the month of April, but kudos to the school teachers for making the drill, the police for the quick response and damn those people who called the prank!