Saturday, November 15, 2008

Salamat, Teddy!

I was watching GMA TV last night when I saw this i-witness documentary where Jay Taruc was featuring the story of the late guitar wizard Teddy Diaz of the Dawn, Damn! I was zoomed back to the 80's when I was dancing and throwing myself in the pits with this band's "Enveloped Ideas", Akala nga namin nuon eh, British band, yun pala Pinoy?! Sayang nga lang at nawala agad si Teddy, we felt robbed by his sudden death. I remember seeing Teddy at the PWU premises nuon, He used to hang out with us Fine Arts students at the paseo, He's taking up music while we were the "falling ones" at the Fine Arts department:-) May You Rest in Peace, Teddy!

This clip is probably his best performance ever, at the San Miguel Oktoberfest.


the donG said...

i too like the dawn. didnt know what happened to teddy until i read this fact, jet pangan is just a door away from our house. see him almost everyday here.

Gilbert Semillano said...

Oo nga eh, so sad to lose a great artist like Ted. So, kapitbahay mo pala si Jhett?