Sunday, October 7, 2012

My UK Trip Sep2012 - part 1

My UK trip was cool, well except for that visit to the hospital, All went well and the place was awesome! Dino and his family were sooo amazing! Love you guys!! I have posted some snaps here from Guildford to London, and some other details. I will post some on my part 2 of this trip. Enjoy!

 Grosvenor Road, Aldershot at 7:45 in the morning. Chilled!

 Really loved the details of these English houses!

 Taking a morning walk along Grosvenor road.

 Right infront of my hotel in Kentish town, London.

 I love this Jack on my hotel room wall ;-)

 English breakfast in London :-D

 A view from my hotel room window in London.

 Aldershot high street, loved this place!

 This guy was playing some Marley sh•t, got most of my pence!

 Let me see, hmm this was at the Windsor market place! Suhweet momma!

 Taking a snap before driving to Camden, London!

 Nice walkway view next to the hotel :-)

The Mammoth A380, Imma fly with you again next year!

Now, let me tell you briefly what happened on my flight from Kuwait to Dubai and London. My flight got delayed (of course! it's Emirates!!) for almost 5 hours in Kuwait, and another 6 hours in Dubai till finally boarded this humungous aircraft A380/EK001 to LHR, well, that's the only cool thing out of that flight, I guess that's one main reason why I was rushed to the doc the 2nd day! It was chilled in the UK something like 12degrees, Cool indeed! I stayed at Dinez's house in Aldershot and moved to London on the 3rd day (Kentish Town) so that it'd be easy for me to get to the HMV Forum where the DJ Competition is going to be held.. (to be continued)