Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aliyah!

It was Aliyah's 8th birthday! This time, it's just a simple celebration. Unlike the past birthdays she had, the party at the Ritz Hotel on her 7th birthday, McDonald's Bayview , Gameworks, and the rest. Aliyah brought her treats on the day of her birthday at school, It was me and my wife who ushered the kids, served food and juices during their 30 minute break (yeah, we have to serve, sing, eat and wrap up in 30 minutes) It was great! Me and my wife had fun with the class, by just looking at their happy faces, makes your day complete and of course, Aliyah who was so happy on her special day! Thanks Mrs. Cristy Johnson for your help!

The cake that she always wanted to have: High School Musical, Suite Life & Hannah Montana!(This time, she's with them)

Taken at Gameworks, with her friends from AIS.

Blowing her birthday cake at school with her classmates, Thanks Ms Christy for allowing us to celebrate with her class:-)

Lunch time at TGI Fridays with her close friends, here with the singing staff of TGI rendering a birthday song.

Squeezing in for that snap, taken at Gameworks, Marina.

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