Saturday, November 22, 2008

Diamonds in the Rough

It's a cold afternoon and I felt like a lazy potato stuck on the couch watching a movie, My wife Pinky asked me to go out with her to check a digital cam and some shoes she would wear for our trip, I really hate going out, just wanted to sleep. So we went to the store and while she was browsing the shoes at the ladies section, I saw a square poster-like calendar graphics on the far end of the shoe rack and when i went closer to pick it up, I couldn't believe what I saw: It was the best of the ROLLING STONES VINYL!!! Shiny new and all wrapped with its original plastic! I mean what the Eff is a 12" record doing in a shoe rack? It was so strange because the store doesn't sell vinyls or any discs! I thought someone must have left it there, but I came to ask the salesperson and they said it's for sale and that it's the only piece they have there, It took me seconds to pay it to the counter and boy I was so very happy to have it! I didn't find one when I was digging at a record store back in London, this one is a collector's item, I remember it was first released in 1971 and remastered in 1993. This one is a gem! I'm opening it now and will play it on my Technics SL1210 M5Gs, Thanks Pangga :-)

This is a strange find, indeed a diamond in the rough!

Still in its original wrap, tagged with a KD3.500 price (who cares about the price? It's rare)


Jake said...

inggit ako!

Gilbert Semillano said...

Lol. Ansarap mag-sound trip, Jake! Iba pa rin talaga ang tunog ng plaka, Vinyl rules!