Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pepsi New Logo

I can't wait for this baby to hit the stores! I kinda like the new packaging design, though the logo, Umm, well... It can be better :-) But whatever, what a strategy! Here's a bit of their identity history:


the spool artist said...

doesn't it remind you so much of the caltex logo? colors and all? except of course that its not a star!

Jake said...

i was about to say what spool artist commented about the logo, parang logo nang gasoline or synthetic oil, lol.

hindi ko rin napansin yung old logo before this new one, maybe because hindi ako soda drinker, at if ever uminom man ako ng soda, coke iniinom ko. :)

Gilbert Semillano said...

Korek ka dyan, Jake! I didn't like the logo, actually. Spool Artist was right, Caltex-ish look-a-like and sa tingin ko, parang pacman na nakangiwi:-) Type ko lang yung minimalistic packaging style nya.