Wednesday, May 14, 2008

World BBoy Champ is Pinoy!

His name is Ronnie Abaldonado. They call him BBOY RONNIE, the Reigning RED BULL BC ONE 2007 BBOY World Champion! Born in Guam, this Fil-Am breaker lives in las vegas and battles the world with his boys the full force and super crew! I got the chance to be with this great talent during the Red Bull BBOY workshop here in Kuwait held at the Shaab Park last Friday and Saturday when Red Bull called me to DJ for these guys, Haah! Lucky me! I had a chat with Ron and found out that his mom's from Iloilo City (just a few minutes from the airport) well, he's not that fluent in tagalog but surely he understands it very well! He flew back to Dubai (for another leg of his world tour) Sunday morning. I had my "Return of the Bboy" vinyl tagged by this dude:-) Jealous? I bet you are! Check out their website here.

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