Monday, May 26, 2008

DMC-Technics World DJ Finals-GCC Division

This is my winning 6 minute set at the DMC-Technics World DJ Finals - GCC Division, Held at the MYX, Hyatt, Dubai, UAE. There were a total of 14 DJs from 7 countries that competed in the finals. World Champs were there, gracing the first time ever event in the middle east (DMC), World Battle DJs, Co-ma, Akakabe, Sarasa aka Silverboombox from Japan, DJ Lethal Skillz from Lebanon and the world-famous Dj Qbert showed off their turntable wizardry!


Jake said...

Wow!!! Stoked!!! I really didnt know anything about you being a turntablist. Wala kong masabi, bow, on my knees, head down, bravo!!!

Jake said...

i had fun reading your blog, ang dami kong nalaman. what's really very surprising to me is your life in kuwait, i didnt know anything about kuwait, i mean like you're in advertising, and the dj thing and all the stuff about you. at higit sa lahat, tumaba ka na din, lol. ako hindi pa or hindi na siguro, mahirap tumaba kapag di na bagets, lol.

i linked your blog to my blog.