Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2007 DMC-Technics World DJ Finals, UK

Me spinning my set

After winning the GCC title,We flew off to the UK for the world Dj finals. This time, it was held at the Indigo O2, at the millennium dome in greenwich, UK, last time I was there was at the London Apollo in Hammersmith. There were 32 Djs that participated, I met some old faces and new dj as well. It was one heck of an event, I mean a lot of celebrity turntablist were there, I met D-Styles, Sarasa from Japan, Coma was there looking for me (sorry Coma, I left early), Kentaro, Netik and chilled with Yasa and Kireek (cool dudes) and a whole lot more! Here's some snaps I got from that night.

With me here, is Rafik from Germany-2007 World Champion

From France, DJ Fly-3rd place

The first night was great, before the show started we Djs gathered at the Green room, where only Djs, Managers and coordinators were allowed. We chilled, practised and shared some new stuff. It was the time when I found out that "custom-vinyl" is in... and traditional battles vinyls are almost extinct :-( I remember the guy from SA showed us his 6 minute routine, all thru custom-made tracks! Dj Pogo was there discussing about traditional and custom made stuff, I met T-LO from Canada (who's Pinoy) My boy Rami Afuni who came all the way from New York just to see the event, we had lunch at Nando's and we stayed at the JWT Marriot:-)

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