Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ukay-Ukay at Mumsie's

What to do with your unused clothes aging in your closet? Sell them, Ukay-ukay style! We've emptied our closet filled with old, used and unused clothes and sent them over and sold them from PhP100 to PhP200, it was a sell out!

A bit of teaser posters won't hurt, actually. They did help a lot :-)

Even the guards at the compound sink in looking for the perfect fit.

This was the 3rd wave of customers that came in that morning, around 11ish.

The crowd at Mumsie's Ukay-ukay, snatch, check, fit and pay :-)

Hiding between the shirts, Lol!
Trying to convince herself, asking questions, looking for more, wth?!

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