Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Trip Home

This is kinda late, should've posted this earlier but, we need to wait to settle down a bit as there was so much things going on these past few days. Okay, after that long trip from Dubai (took almost 8 hours) thanks to those 3 passengers who didn't make it to the plane boarding that made us (and the whole flight 334) wait for a freakin' 45 minutes, Aaarrggh! We arrived safely in Manila at half past midnight, Elijah's asleep and obviously tired from the flight, Aliyah's fully charged and pretty excited, I was having a bad headache, must be from the red wine :-( There were a whole lot of people at the arrivals! The Immigration section was packed with OFWs coming from different parts of the world! There were 4 flights at that hour with mostly Filipinos on board, Wow! The scene at the airport is pretty much the same, except for some Christmas accents, the "band" that used to play there wasn't around (obviously, who'd play at that time of the day?) I tried squeezing myself inside that 2 layer crowd at the conveyor for our luggage, It was so difficult to reach for the bags that weighed 34kgs each, so there I stood watching (helplessly) those bags passed me by, Uuggh!! I finally got them (after 3 attempts, Lol) but unfortunately, Eli's trolley wasn't there, so Pinky and I have to go to the checking office at the airport to file a missing luggage and we have to fill in some papers and wait for about 15 to 25 minutes, after all was done, it was already 1:30am! We reached home at 2:15 in the morning. What a trip...

There's some Christmas at the NAIA, well, not much though.

Dubai Airport terminal 3, Amazingly huuuggee!

Pangga and Aliyah posing for a pic, still inside Dubai airport, while having coffee at HÃ¥agen Daaz.

We really felt the Christmas spirit at the new Dubai Airport, there were these white christmas trees every where!

Gate 224, where both PAL and Emirates flights bound for manila are boarding.

At the world-famous duty free! We had a nice time buying (should I say, spending? lol)

I loved this Christmas tree, right at the center of the Airport Mall, sweet!

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