Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lovely Lambunao

We arrive in Iloilo at 6ish in the am, my friend, colleague and kumpare Erik Tabuena picked us up. They prepared Lechon, Grabeeee!!! We spent the night at their house (nice crib!), Met with Jing's parents and family, we drank JDs, We had Karaoke (lost my voice), we simply had the greatest time! Lovely place, wonderful people, Thanks Jing & Erik!

Last snap we had together was at the KAA Awards in Kuwait, Now posing ilonggo style!

Jing & Pinky preparing breakfast at the kitchen, Lumpiang Ubod, Ibus, Suman, Fresh fruits, mann... there's a lot!

Little girls (Aliyah & Daniela) making their "potion" made of soil, gumamela juice and a little bit of magic!

G in action, well not quite, lol. Priceless pic :-)

A couple of 40s, to jump start the fun, Drink in moderation (?)

Cholesterol in disguise! Who needs Mang Tomas when we have Lechon de Lambunao? Lol.

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