Saturday, June 21, 2008

What The?!

I can't believe my eyes when I crossed over a blog and saw this one. At first, I thought it was a photo job, you know just for fun, but when I dug deeper into the text, it is in fact for real, F**king is a town in Austria. Can you f**king believe that? And I was wondering how does the residents of this town feel about the name? Don't their government had anything on changing it? Oh, by the way... How would we address the residents? “Are the residents called F**kers? What are the mothers called? What would you be learning at the F**king High School? Does the F**king Hospital help you with anything else? If your friend came from F**king, wouldn’t he be your F**king friend?” How could you not make fun of a town called F**king? Imagine the product endorsements this town could have?! Durex, KY and a variety of sexual connotation brands would be lining up, some could even make F**king their headquarters. LMFAO.

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