Saturday, June 7, 2008

No Place Like Home

Endline goes: "The Philippines-Your home in Asia", Very true! Now I miss the Philippines more when I saw this clip from DM9JaymeSyFu for Smart-DOT Tourism campaign! Breath-taking scenes, colorful backgrounds and very well art-directed! Aaahh.... I wanna go home:-)


Jake said...

very effective ano? i saw this video last saturday, i directed an event in san francisco last weekend, the "smart" people showed this video to the pinoys here, celebration ng phil. independece day.

but sana nga ganyan ang madadatnan natin sa pilipinas. my sister and bro-in-law just got back last friday from cavite, bad trip ang bayaw ko, sa airport pa lang daw puro "lagay" na ang gusto ng mga tao, what's new?

Gilbert Semillano said...

I know, and I did experienced the same. On our way back to Kuwait, A guy in a barong at the airport entrance (where you check in) told me "Ser, ganda ng baseball cap nyo, ah? Arbor na lang yan.." and when I got inside the lounge before boarding, another guy in a barong searched my pocket and told me " Ser, ang dami nyong Piso, hindi nyo na kelangan yan sa Kuwait" I mean what the..? Anyways, how's the Fiesta event? Aren't you posting some pictures? I'm all good, preparing for 2 things: Ad Awards and the DMC championships.