Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Toyota Art Edge Awarding

After a long and tiring flight from Kuwait, I finally made it to Manila, My Sis in law picked me up and I popped a bottle of Jack D's with Albert. 9 am, I head off to Makati to Eastern Telecoms office for the prize money and met with their Ad and Promo officer, Sheila Dimaya but unfortunately, the check won't be available for collection till the next day so we hang out in Glorietta to kill time for the 3pm awarding at the Shangri-La, The art edge event was pretty cool, Once you sign their guest book, they'll hand you over your prize money, The winning entries were individually mounted on white panel walls at the entrance of the Quezon ballroom, at the center was the top three winners. The program started with Toyota's Gotto San and followed by the awarding of the art edge and journalism finalists. The later part was the top 3 of the art edge competition and Journalism awards winners. Here's some snaps:

Me with my Winning Piece entitled, Lakbayan.

With me here is Pearl, my Niece.

A view of the stage

Interview with Auto Gear.

With Jinno Rufino of Abs-Cbn.

Auto Review Philippines.

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