Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eastern Communications Digital Art Competition

Okay, Here's another Digital Art competition I joined after Toyota's Art Edge, It's the Eastern Communications 130th Anniversary, Check this out, got the info off a forum, The submission's on September 6 and Awarding is on September 10th. Pretty quick for a competition though, but that doesn't stop me and my friends at the office from rushing a couple of artworks, Lol! We went through the usual "KAMIKAZE DEADLINE", It's like working on a campaign overnight and present it the next day kinda thing. Anywho, My friend Danny told me on the morning of the 10th that his entry's been shortlisted, Woo Hoo! That's a sure 10k PhP in the pocket, and a chance to make it to the 100K prize! So I kinda ask myself, what about mine? I called up Pinky and told her about it and she called Manila to get the numbers of Eastern's contact person, Ms. Belle Lacson. So I called her up and Voila! She told me that I'm in the final 13th, Yee Hah! She asked me if I have someone to represent me to the awarding (that same day at 7pm Manila time). I sent Pearlie, my niece over to Dusit Hotel in Makati for the awarding ceremony. She said it was a grand nite, Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla was there as the main performer, There were a lot of big shots and the show was hosted by Kat Alano. What an amazing night for my niece and a great successful event! Many thanks goes to the Judges, Eastern Communications, Their staff and Pearlie! To all the winners and participants, Congratulations! You guys Rock!

Oh, by the way I won 2nd place with my entry entitled: FLOURISHED FRONTIERS.
Here's some snaps from the competition, enjoy!

Pearlie receiving the cash prize and trophy on stage with Ms. Jocelyn Dy Juanco - VP of Sales and Customer Service and Ms. Kat Alano - Ex MTV VJ & ex WoWoWee Host

The 10 Finalists with their Trophies & Certificates on stage.

Some of the winning entries (Sorry for the white spot on the artworks caused by the camera's flash)

My First Entry Entitled : "BEYOND"
(16" X 11" Digital, Photoshop CS, Macromedia Freehand, Mac G5, Wacom Intuos 3)

My Second and Winning Entry Entitled : "FLOURISHED FRONTIERS"
(16" X 11" Digital, Photoshop CS, Macromedia Freehand, Mac G5, Wacom Intuos 3)

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Belle said...

Hi Gilbert,

Congratulations for winning the
2nd Prize! Thanks for this blog. Minor correction though, it's Belle Lacson and not Castro.