Saturday, August 23, 2008

Talent Festival 2008

It was the night of the talented people, the annual Talents Festival, An annual talent show showcasing talents of people from all over the world. The show was packed with a mix of nationalities, dignitaries, people from different industry and performers. I remember I was one of their feature talent last year, along with the designers from Fashion TV. This time, it was DJ Missy aka Maliha, A Filipino-Bahraini, a student of mine and family friend. She showcased her battle routine with head tones overlapping an electro beat with a ripping combination of flare and orbit scratches. The crowd watched with awe as they saw a young girl performing scratches like a pro. Also in the attraction was a group of Filipino BBoys, I saw these cats perform with world BBoy champion Ronnie at the Red Bull BC One months ago, amazing talents!

Dj Missy with her routine

Pinoy BBoys

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