Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!!! To ME :-)

My Favourite Cake: French Chocolate Ganache from Mr. Baker, Thanks Palangga!

It was my birthday yesterday, August 15th, Friday (I was born on a Friday;-) Well, this one's not like the rest of the birthdays I've had like parties, booze, good times with friends... This time was spent specially with my Family. We had breakfast at home with the kids and had a nice time together, prepared lunch with all "LUTONG-BAHAY" and went to hear the mass in the afternoon and had dinner at Chili's at the Seaside. My Sis came over with balloons (not for me) but for the kids, and my Sis-in-law Rose was there as well... This celebration is probably the most special birthday I had, Thanks guys, I Love You :-)

One of the most sweetest things I had for my Birthday, A gift from my Daughter, Aliyah.

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