Friday, March 19, 2010

AIS International Fair

Here's some snaps from the AIS international fair held last Thursday where countries from different parts of the world prepared booths showcasing cultures, food, arts, crafts, etc. It was a great event, the weather was nice! We all had fun :) Videos coming soon!

A detail of the Philippines Booth.

Featuring my Award-winning Digital piece for the backdrop :)

Umm, Choc•Nut anyone? Simply irresistable.. It was a box-office, actually.

Elijah by the Comments wall (I wonder what he's up to:)

Yufan (China), Shahed (Egypt) & Aliyah (Philippines)

Aliyah & Stacey wearing coat of arms.

Aliyah (Philippines), Ranad (Kuwait) & Yasmin (Lebanon).

Annabelle & Samantha :)

Pro Bowler & Family friend Sonia Mathews with kids and Amy D.

Mom & Eli :) Booth is almost empty, the food was a big hit!

Reppin' the Philippines, yours truly with Eli :)

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