Saturday, September 5, 2009

Survivor Philippines - Season 2

I must admit, I am NOT a big fan of this until I saw the first episode of Season 2, I thought, yeah, yeah, whatever! But hey! This really got my attention! The profile of the survivors is quite impressive, like good-looking men and hot chicks, one is a pilot, another is a commercial model and an ex-PBA! Although the idea could be better and the challenges to be more exciting and could bring more suspense to the viewers. Anyways, it all seems good! I like the Koror tribe, it really resembles the typical, everyone's got the ego and hated each other, but in the end - in pursuit of survival, they all go hand in hand for the win! I am hooked to this program, and I am loving every episode of it! And I hope some of you too! (who has GMA tv via Orbit).

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