Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Baskin Experience

Just a while ago when I was at Baskin-Robbins for a banana split (yum!), I noticed that there was only 16 cylinders of ice cream, I was just wondering why Baskin, whose famous for their 31 flavors (in fact the number also appears in their logo) has only 16 flavors? So I asked the guy and he told me that there was not enough space for the other 15! I mean... What the eff?! It's obvious that the dude has no idea what am talking about! And if the other 15 isn't available, then they should only put 16 in the logo instead of 31.


B & D said...


yum..i love banana split!!i had the similar question but in response they said tht all the flavors are not yet available in kwt yet!!

which one of the flavors are your fav?

Gilbert Semillano said...

I've always loved Chocolate Mousse Royale!