Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 'Mercy' Ad Campaign

Got this off awearnessblog.com which is very, very aggressive and I couldn't believe it's running in KSA. I remember there was one campaign with the same thought that was aired here in Kuwait, I hope that whenever they come up with such awareness is that they should make it thorough, long and effective enough to move people.

"Mercy" -- which is an important part of Islam -- is also an ad campaign in Saudi Arabia. The ads argue with arresting imagery for the better treatment of Saudi Arabia's ubiquitous domestic workers and were created by Fullstop, an advertising agency in the birthplace of Islam. The Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) and the MBC-owned Al Arabiyya TV are running three television ads. Above is an image that has run in Saudi Arabian newspapers.

The reason for the ads is, in part, the Human Rights Watch report in July "As If I Am Not Human." The scathing 133 page report on the second class citizenship status was based on 142 interviews and caused the kingdom's great embarrassment. Saudi households employ roughly 1.5 million domestic workers, primarily from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nepal.

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