Sunday, July 27, 2008

Itching For The Scratch?

Here's a snap of my dj gear at home, well, this one's for my personal use. I have a couple of Technics 1210s in the flight case and a pair of 1200s in the road case as well. I got this pair of MKG1210s and the DMC Battle mixer from the DMC Dubai finals, a part of their major prize! I hooked the 'tables up with my FS2 preamp and a 15" Macbook Pro, speakers is powered by Bose. My needles is a pair of "signed & tagged" Ortofon Qbert :-) This is what I use during my free time where I normally practice my routines and itch for the skratch!

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Jake said...

still jobless, and i'm getting crazy and impatient!